Sara Olsson

December 18: The Jazz Club – An Erotic Christmas Calendar

«It's just days before Christmas and Jennie has come to Stockholm to look for something. Something that is forbidden and that he might be able to help her with. His name is Franz and he takes her to an underworld, a jazz club where everyone dresses in coat and tails, including Jennie. Here, boundaries are suspended and different rules apply. On stage is Elsie with the red lips. She moves like a spell. Soon she is standing in front of Jennie, her hand slowly inching its way inside the edge of her panties.
‘The Jazz Club’ is not only Christmas erotica, but also a journey in time and space, back to a sensual and bygone era where boundaries are pushed and passion lies like heavy smoke over the secret club.»
Sara Olsson is an author, publisher, sex counsellor, literary scholar and winter sports enthusiast. She has previously written the novel ‘DEAD & ALIVE’, as well as the thriller ‘Dolt under grond’, the latter alongside Martin Falkman. Sara has also written four non-fiction books and contributed to an anthology of haiku.
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