Silica Lyne

Enneagram Spiritual Healing

how to discover your Enneagram personality

A spiritual discoverty guide book

1. In this course you will learn about about the 9 Basic Enneagram Personality Types

2.Their is no prerequisites in this course, you do not even have to know what your personality type is.

3. This course is for individuals who want to learn more about themselves & about other peoples personality.

4.You  will identify your own enneagram personality type you are.

5.You will will learn about the 3 major Triads of the Enneagram.

6.You will learn about the Hornevian group of the social styles in this Enneagram course.

7. You will learn about the Harmonic group which is the coping styles in the Enneagram course.

8.You will learn about the wings of the Enneagram.

9. You will learn about the Instinctual subtypes of the Enneagram.

10. You will learn abou the Basic Levels of Development in  the Enneagram.

11. You will learn about the directions of intergrations in this Enneagram course.
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