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Daniel Wong

The Happy Student

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    Society creates roles for us that we’re not meant to perform and we, thus, become “imprisoned.”
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    merely focusing on achievements

    se concentrer uniquement sur les réalisations

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    heart-felt anecdotes

    anecdotes sincères

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    rather than simply jumping through hoops, you can choose to focus on a vision for yourself and your future
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    high school diploma or college degree.
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    Allison LeCavalier, college student
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    Learn to celebrate the small things: finishing a problem set, doing well on a test, receiving a compliment from a teacher.
    And drinking champagne
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    Motivation is a habit, not a feeling. It takes practice to nurture this habit, which will enable you to overcome even extreme lethargy and inertia.
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    work you do affects the success of your boss, your department, your company, and your customers. It’s not just about you anymore. There’s increased pressure to perform, because there’s a lot more riding on the results you produce.
  • Shii BBAFDmembuat kutipan6 tahun yang lalu
    am saying, however, that we’re heavily influenced by our environment, and if all we hear are negative messages, we’re going to become negative people. It’s simply not possible for you to be both a negative and happy student!
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