Bill Lawson

Body Power Swing

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What exactly is Body Power Swing?

In what way does it differ from the conventional swing which has been the technique recommended and taught by professional golfers over the past hundred years or so?

Why do golfers need another swing method?

Bill first picked up a golf club in his early twenties and became completely obsessed by the game! He had lessons from two local professionals, practiced assiduously and eventually became a category one player. However, he realised that the “simple looking conventional swing pattern” was extremely difficult to repeat. He has read dozens of books by the worlds most famous golf players, thousands of golf tips in magazines all in an attempt to create a simple repeating golf swing.

It is a statistical fact that although millions of golfers throughout the world who also seek professional help and devour countless golf tips from books and magazines they are still struggling to break 90 or even 100 on a regular basis. The astonishing reality means that 95% of the world’s recreational golfers are medium to high handicap players. Why is this?

Bill started looking for a new simple way to play golf because he realised that after thousands of hours hitting golf balls on the practice ground that conventional golf teaching was too difficult for the average player to conquer. The average golfer did not have the genetic abilities of Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson's who were born with them, yet golf teachers, professionals who also were gifted with better timing and talents than their pupils, attempt to teach the same complex swing techniques to struggling players today.

The swing technique Bill developed took over 25 years of practice, study and application to find a simple repeating method for handicap golfers. In a nutshell, how it functions is to remove the moving centre of gravity present in conventional teaching. This one factor alone causes the player to:-

1 – Repeatedly mishit the ball because the club head is not square at impact.

2 – Make a very weak strike at the ball because his centre of gravity is not in the correct position at impact.

3 – Disconnects the body swing patterns giving no possible chance of any type of accurate strike pattern.

4 – Prevents any power from being created in the backswing so results in no power being delivered in the forward swing.


1 – The club will be square through impact.

2 – Ensures a solid powerful strike through the ball.

3 – By its very nature, ensures the swing pattern is compact, square and easy to repeat.

4 – Keeps the centre of gravity solid and steady ensuring the body power is driven through the ball with every club.

5 – Power is created by centrifugal force.

The book explains how this is very easy to accomplish and repeat.
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