Lizbeth Dusseau

Bound For Submission

Following her messy divorce, Xana Nightengale recuperates at her beach house, where she meets the mysterious Nathan. This strange and very dominant man knows exactly what this sexually pent-up young woman needs most. He opens Xana to her true sexual lust, which is savagely submissive. He toys with her, makes love to her, chastises, binds and torments her. And when she finally acknowledges the fullness of her submissive desires, he lets her go to pursue her new-found sexual liberty. Xana begins a new and very secretive lifestyle, fulfilling her submissive fantasies by offering herself to a host of creative and dominant lovers. However, she soon finds herself falling for her boss and mentor, Oliver, who's fiercely Dominant nature demands her submission. Oliver knows nothing about her clandestine lovers. Disaster strikes when XanaÕs two worlds suddenly collide and she must fight to keep the man she loves.
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    Then, turning me around on his lap so I was facing out, he had my legs spread over his groin so he could spear me with the stiff rod that appeared from his pants.
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    Peter would never stoop to the tavern level, and until that night I’d been too chicken to tiptoe inside their ragged interiors alone.

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