Sierra Cartwright

Bound and Determined

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USA Today Bestselling Author

He will have her…

Jack Quinn is determined to marry the lovely, sexy, reluctant Sinead O’Malley, and he refuses to take no for an answer. Sinead, though, is more elusive than he imagined. And when meets her, he finally understands why the men of his family have been kidnapping O’Malley women for almost a thousand years.

Even if their destinies were not entwined, he would want the gorgeous spitfire in his life, his bed, subject to his Dominance.

The first sight of her hated enemy unnerves Sinead. The multimillionaire is nothing like she expected, and she hates the way she responds to him. To save herself, she refuses his marriage proposal and runs, only to have him capture her, throw her over his shoulder and return with her to Ireland.

Once she is his captive, Jack becomes even more relentless, and she fights her response as hard as she fights him. He is doubly determined to fulfil her deepest, darkest sensual fantasies, make her his woman in every way and claim her, body and soul.

Sinead can deal with everything he gives her. But she hadn’t counted on falling in love with the detested lord of the manor.

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    At this point, it didn’t much matter to him what she thought about marriage. She was going to be his. She could struggle and fight all she wanted. But the lass would be his forever
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    “You’ve been kidnapped,” he reminded her. “If you think I’m letting you go that easily, you’re wrong.”
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    grandmother wants to know why I haven’t blackened your eye.”
    He choked on a drink of coffee

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