Erik Lynd

Book and Blade: Book One of the Hand of Perdition

A big mistake. A quest for revenge. Now Hell has a new bounty hunter.

Hell is the ultimate prison and only the most powerful, the most cunning can escape eternal damnation. One being is in charge of dragging escaped souls back to the infernal realm.

He is called the Beast. And he has just died.

Christopher Sawyer is just an average college kid, concerned with doing well in school and someday marrying his high school sweetheart.

He never asked to inherit the office of the Beast or take up the mantle of the Hunter of Lost Souls. He never asked for his safe,comfortable world to be shattered and his family taken from him.

And to make matters worse, it was all a mistake.

Now Christopher must master the power of Hell inside of him if he hopes to survive this new reality. And if he can get a little revenge in the process, all the better.

Book and Blade is the first book in the urban fantasy series,Hand of Perdition. If you like fast paced urban fantasy, vile demons, and dark supernatural forces then you will love this new series by Erik Lynd.
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