John Gregory Betancourt,Lillian Stewart Carl,Meredith Nicholson,Ron Goulart

X is for Xmas: A Christmas Mystery MEGAPACK ™

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Christmas is a time for giving, for receiving. . . and for murder. We've collected ten Christmas stories, old and new, that will spike your eggnog, trim your tree, and hopefully add a dash of spice to your Christmas cheer. Included are:
“A Christmas Pit,” by John Gregory Betancourt
“A Reversible Santa Claus,” by Meredith Nicholson
“A Stake of Holly,” by Lillian Stewart Carl
“Believing in Santa,” by Ron Goulart
“Death Will Trim Your Tree,” by Liz Zelvin
“Ho Ho Homicide,” by Sue Ann Jaffarian
“Mr. Wray's Cash Box,” by Wilkie Collins
“Murder on Santa Claus Lane,” by William G. Bogart
2 tales by Johnston McCulley: “Thubway Tham's Chrithtmath” and “Death Play Santa Claus.”

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