Phaedra Patrick

The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper

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"Phaedra Patrick understands the soul. Eccentric, charming, and wise…The Curious Charms is not just for those who are mourning over love or the past. This book will illuminate your heart." — Nina George, New York Times bestselling author of The Little Paris Bookshop
"Tender, insightful, and surprising… [Arthur Pepper] will instantly capture the hearts of readers who loved Rachel Joyce's The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, Nina George's The Little Paris Bookshop, and Antoine Laurain's The Red Notebook." — Library Journal, starred review
In this poignant and curiously charming debut, a lovable widower embarks on a life-changing adventure
Sixty-nine-year-old Arthur Pepper lives a simple life. He gets out of bed at precisely 7:30 a.m., just as he did when his wife, Miriam, was alive. He dresses in the same gray slacks and mustard sweater vest, waters his…
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    This book made me think of all the personal sacrifices my own parents made in their youth for my upbringing. It's a devotion, unmeasurably beautiful & filled with memories.

    Inna Shafikovamembagikan kesan2 tahun yang lalu
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    Cris Lomembuat kutipan10 bulan yang lalu
    But the jewelry would get a new life, go to a new person who would love and use it.
    Cris Lomembuat kutipan10 bulan yang lalu
    The engine roared up. He watched the cabin crew’s emergency instructions intently, then he leaned back in his seat and gripped his armrests as the plane tilted upward.

    He was on his way. On his next journey.
    Cris Lomembuat kutipan10 bulan yang lalu
    “Whatever those things are, they don’t change what you had together.

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