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Memory Improvement

Is forgetfulness or absentmindedness affecting your quality of life? Will an improved memory positively affect your relationships, work life and friendships?
This book could be the answer you're looking for…
Memory is no doubt a critical part of our brain without which living life is impossible. We need good memory for studies, work, home activities, and relationships, among other important domains of life. 
This book provides you with critical information, hacks and strategies on how to boost your memory so you can achieve greater mental acuity and lead a more productive life. 
The guide starts by helping you to understand how memory works. It goes further to explain to you the brain-memory-mind relationship and how this relationship is critical to your memory improvement. 
Importance of memory improvement cannot be overlooked. This guide provides scenarios in which memory plays a great role and without which you wouldn't be able to make any successful endeavors, be it in your studies, work, home, relationships or other engagements. It goes further to demonstrate to you how memory improvement relates to your real life so that you can be able to have an above-average understanding of how important memory improvement is to your wellbeing and how you can harness it to boost your mental acuity and lead a more productive life. 
You will not be able to deal with forgetfulness and memory loss without understanding its causes, the distinction between forgetfulness, age-related memory loss and dementia. There is that loss which is natural and there is that loss which is actually a medical condition. You need to know the difference so that you can take appropriate remedial action. Yet, even if you get to know the difference, you need to be able carry out self-diagnosis to know the kind of memory loss that you are suffering from so that get to know the best approach to make. This guide provides elaborate information on the types of memory loss, causes, possible tests and diagnosis. 
Once you have been able to understand how memory works, causes of memory loss, memory tests and diagnosis, you are now able to think of possible solutions. This guide provides you with practically proven, effective memory hacks and strategies to improve your memory — be it to boost your studies, work, home activities, relationships or otherwise. 
Finally, you need to make memory improvement a part of your everyday life. You need to live it. It has to become your lifestlyle. This guide wraps up by recommending to you long-term lifestyle habits to improve your memory so you enjoy perpetual success for as long as you live. 
What's Included in This Book:

Understanding How Memory WorkThe Brain-Memory-Mind RelationshipImportance of Memory ImprovementCauses of Forgetfulness and Memory LossMemory Tests and DiagnosisMemory CuesHacks and Strategies to Improve Your MemoryMemory Encoding Hacks and StrategiesMemory Consolidation and Retention Hacks and StrategiesMemory Recall Hacks and StrategiesMemory Hacks for Your StudiesMemory Hacks for Your WorkMemory Hacks for Your HomeMemory Hacks for Your RelationshipsAge Related Memory HacksLong Term Memory Hacks for a Great Lifestyle
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