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Ernest Renan

The Life of Jesus

Joseph Ernest Renan (French: [ʁənɑ̃]; 28 February 1823 — 2 October 1892) was a French expert of Middle East ancient languages and civilizations (philology), philosopher, historian, and writer, devoted to his native province of Brittany. He is best known for his influential historical works on early Christianity, and his political theories, especially concerning nationalism and national identity. Renan is credited as being among the first scholars to advance the Khazar theory, which held that Ashkenazi Jews were descendants of Turkic peoples who had adopted Jewish religion and migrated to Western Europe following the collapse of their khanate.
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    At what time, by what hands, under what circumstances, have the Gospels been compiled? This is the primary question upon which depends the opinion to be formed of their credibility.
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    I believe the passage respecting Jesus[1] to be authentic.
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    is not an easy task to reproduce the terseness and eloquence which characterize

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