Sleeping Beauty

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This devotional was birthed out of conversations, frustrations, disobedience, time and prayer with God. I have not been perfect but I am a daughter of the King and there are birth rights attached there. Therefore, it was time for me to understand what those rights are. I wanted to know more about my identity in Christ so I started to ask questions and that is how I outlined this book which is more like a conversation.

So why call it Sleeping Beauty? I felt like I was watching my life happen to me, sleepwalking through the entire thing. Missing out on opportunities, understanding and the inability to live in the moment. I was this beautiful masterpiece that everyone could see but me. How would I become an active participant in His will for my life? It wasn't until I discovered who I was in Christ that I could appreciate how He created me. It's something about seeing yourself the way the creator sees you that speaks to your being. I heard Him say that it was time to get up and walk in my purpose. Through this He took me on a journey of healing and revelation. It is my prayer that this devotional will help set you free to arise and walk in full power and authority.

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