Tony Neumeyer

Fores Trading Simplified: A Simple Profitable Approach to Trading Forex

The world of Forex Trading is often plagued with the idea that complex mathematical or pattern trading methods are required to be profitable. The author has traded profitably for years. He has used Fibonacci, Elliot Wave Theory, and other complex pattern trades. After over a decade of using these methods he has settled on trading about one hour a week using a simple method that anyone can learn in a matter of a few weeks or months of getting to know the market. You will be intrigued and excited by the prospects as you uncover how simple trading really can be. And, Tony gives you the specifics of how he trades so you can do the same.

This is a book for beginners or veterans, but it lays out in very simple terms the world of Forex. For someone that has never traded, but id considering the idea.this is an ideal place to start. If you have traded for a while and may be a little frustrated, this just might be the “fix” you need to get your trading career on track.
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