Juergen Beck

Zodiac Unleashed – Aquarius

“Zodiac Unleashed” presents you the ultimate textbook for your sign. So, your sign is Aquarius? Did you ever think about which secrets stand behind your sign? What your sign means? How it “happens” in the sky and the mystery of the symbols? Are there “amplifiers” to boost your luck and your health? Well, there are! And this small and easy-to-understand-book will tell you all about these secrets in these chapters:

Constellation-Period-Symbol-Early Religious Teachings-The Glyph-Rulers of the House-Saturn and Uranus-Characteristics of the Type-Temper-Professions-Health Defects-Marriage and Friendships-Gems of the House-Garnets and Zircons-The Garnet and Ruby-Qualities of the Stone-Virtue, as a Keepsake-The Zircon-The Hyacinth-The Jargoon-The Jacinth as a Talisman for Sleep-Set in Gold for Restlessness-The Lyncurion of the Ancients: its Virtues.
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