Kevin Burns

Eastern Philosophy

Philosophy can be one of the most intimidating and difficult of disciplines, as any of its students can attest. Eastern Philosophy breaks down the obstacles to understanding the ideas of some of history's most influential Eastern thinkers.
The text provides a detailed but accessible analysis of the work of a number of thinkers, from all the major Eastern philosophical traditions, and from the earliest times to the present day. The philosophers covered range from founder figures such as Zoroaster and Muhammed, to modern thinkers like Nishida Kitaro and D.T. Suzuki.
From Buddhism to Islam, Confucius to Ghandi, concepts and individuals are introduced in a lively and lucid narrative, with extensive biographical detail. Instead of attempting to explain a philosopher's entire intellectual history, the author examines a central theme in each philosopher's work and uses it to expound the essential ingredients of its relevant school of thought.
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