Matthew Moore

Ielts Speaking Tips and Skills to Get 7

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Most people would agree that an OK score in speaking is 5 or 6.

Many students now realise that a score of 5 or 6 for speaking is not enough for their study requirements.

Many students spend months preparing for the IELTS speaking test and still find it difficult to score 7 or higher. In fact some candidates actually score lower than they potentially could have scored. There are a few reasons behind this poor performance and these will be discussed in detail throughout this book, but one major factor is the lack of quality material available for IELTS speaking preparation.

There are a number of IELTS speaking books on the market but this book aims to break new ground by focusing on how to prepare for and achieve a speaking score of 7 (or maybe higher). All of the skills and strategies presented in this book are typical of a high scoring speaking candidate.

This book is intended for anyone who intends to take the IELTS test; it will also help learners of English improve their speaking skills.
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    Ivan Kamardinmembuat kutipan6 tahun yang lalu
    The first step to achieving a higher score in the speaking test is to start speaking English in the following way:
    Give longer responses
    Avoid being too direct
    Use filters and redundant language
    Don't recycle vocabulary
    Try to speak in degrees
    mariazentsovamembuat kutipan2 tahun yang lalu
    I'm fairly/ pretty keen on...
    I'm really into...
    I'm quite a big fan of...
    I simply adore...
    I'm quite enthusiastic about...
    I generally prefer...(use only when comparing)
    mariazentsovamembuat kutipan2 tahun yang lalu
    Tell me about the house/ flat you live in.
    Describe your hometown. Tell me about your job. Tell me about your family. Tell me about your city.
    What is your main ambition?
    Whatmakes you happy?
    Now write out your full describing structure using the example phrases. Now practice using your structure for the questions above.
    Sum m ary of “Descript ion” Que stions
    Most candidates will probably be asked at least one description question. This question is often one of the first questions in Part One. By producing style of answer we have just seen, the candidate is focusing on the marking system criteria and not answering the question. We have not looked at any vocabulary for any of the individual topics or questions – this can be found in

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