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Barbara Cartland

A Portrait of Love

How can beautiful young Fedora Colwyn and her ailing father be on the verge of starvation when the walls of their run-down home are hung with a magnificent collection of paintings by the great Masters?
Alexander Colwyn is renowned as the nation's greatest restorer of pictures and his valuable works of art are in trust for future generations and so cannot be sold.
Fedora is desperate, not knowing where to turn or how to restore her beloved father to health with virtually no money, but she has a loyal ally in Jim, who has looked after the family for many years.
So, when the Earl of Heversham invites her father to restore the pictures in his famous collection at Heversham Castle, but knows that her father is too proud to accept payment and that he is too ill to do very much, she will undertake most of the restoration work herself.
She takes him to Heversham Castle, intending to accept payment without telling him about it.
There she meets the handsome Earl and falls helplessly in love, only to find that a conceited and treacherous Society beauty and a dark family secret stand in the way of their love.
But, when she is embroiled in a sinister murder plot, her life as well as her love is at stake.
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