Knut Hamsun


This existential novel by Norwegian author, Knut Hamsun, is often compared to works by Dostoevsky or Émile Zola, two of his main influences. Hunger has been called the “literary opening of the 20th century” and is a psychological narrative of a man whose interior is in a state of decay. Knut Hamsun won the Nobel Prixe for litereature and Hunger is one of his finest novels.
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    Genius. A true beatnik, before term was coined.

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    I had remarked so plainly that, whenever I had been hungry for any length of time, it was just as if my brains ran quite gently out of my head and left me with a vacuum--my head grew light and far off, I no longer felt its weight on my shoulders, and I had a consciousness that my eyes stared far too widely open when I looked at
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    The life pictured is the life of a certain spot of ground--Segelfoss manor, and later the town of Segelfoss--rather than that of one or two isolated individuals
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    I was becoming mentally and physically more and more prostrate; I was letting myself down each day to less and less honest actions, so that I lied on each day without blushing, cheated poor people out of their rent, struggled with the meanest thoughts of making away with other men's blankets--all without remorse or prick of conscience.

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