Barbara Cartland

The Innocent Imposter

While her father is away from home, the beautiful but lonely Ursa Hollington is surprised to receive a visit from Penelope, her sister, who has been such a stranger since she married a rich Nobleman and moved to London. Ursa is even more surprised when she hears Penelope’s request! So Penelope can meet her lover in a secret tryst while her husband, Lord Brackley is abroad, Ursa reluctantly agrees to pretend to be Penelope and stay with Lord Brackley’s blind mother, the Dowager Lady Brackley. Powdered and rouged just like her coquettish sister, Ursa is accepted at the imposing Brackley Park. But then the dashing Marquis of Charnwood embroils her in yet another deception, posing as his fiancée to save him from a loveless marriage to the daughter of a Greek he is doing business with. When the amorous Marquis appears at her bedside one night, Ursa is horrified, but soon finds the fluttering in her heart is not fear but love — Tangled in not one but two falsehoods, she can see no way out, until it comes to light that the Dowager Lady Brackley is far more perceptive that she thought!
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    “I am also asking you to be something else in my life, something that no other woman could ever be.”
    Ursa looked at him in astonishment.
    “What is – that?” she asked.
    “I think the right word,” the Marquis said slowly, “is my partner.”
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    “His daughter told me that her father was intent on marrying her to someone important and that she had no choice in the matter!”
    “Poor girl!” the Marquis ejaculated.
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    What therefore could be more powerful than a glance of love between two people when it comes from their hearts?

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