Lena Ross

Hacking for Agile Change

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With over 50 practical and proven change hacks you can apply to your change initiative on any project type and organisation.
This book will help you:

Define agile as an organisational capability
Try new change management approaches with examples and practical tips on HOW to cut-through
Uncover more ways to lead and manage human-centric change
Consider new ways of working and other emerging trends in your change delivery
Broaden your capability and future-proof your career

Lena Ross is an experienced change consultant with a reputation for valuable content creation with fresh insights. Since establishing her consulting practice, #changehacks in 2016, Lena has shared her expertise via numerous channels on the future of change management and emerging capabilities.

Her experience is complimented by her Master of Business Administration (MBA) qualification, and she is able to apply sound academic and business discipline to the development of practical and innovative solutions.
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Lena Ross



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    Make it a safe environment to experiment and try again, by sending a clear message that mistakes are valuable lessons.

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