Andrew Crossley

Property Finance Made Simple

This latest book in the Made Simple Series contains so much valuable information, you won' be able to put it down.
Property Finance made Simple is the latest book from best seller, property guru Andrew Crossley.
Want to you buy your first home?
It looks at the challenges of the Australian home affordability crisis and steps you through everything you need to know. It removes your challenges with the current market so you can get the right mortgage to fund your first home.
Looking to do more with your mortgage? 
Rates are low, property prices are rising and the banks are being tough. Yet the opportunities are there for those savvy home owners and investors who know how to work the current mortgage market to their advantage.
Dreams of your property portfolio on hold? 
Open the door to the secrets to today’s finance in the Australian market. The equity in your home is the key to your long term financial growth. But how do you move in such a challenging market of contentious lending policies and soaring property prices.   
Self-employed and locked out of the housing marketing?
It doesn’t have to be that way. If you are self-employed, Property finance made simple is going to change your mind. This is a book for right now and unlocks the secrets of how to work the current mortgage market to your advantage as a self-employed business owner.
The Australian property market is covered in respect to the influences on prices, and the affordability crisis. Several changes in lending policy, borrowing capacity calculators and living expense assessment are discussed in great detail, ultimately helping a borrower be more prepared and confident in applying for a mortgage.
One of the biggest mistakes a borrower can make is going directly to a bank or lender, rather than using a broker to explore all the different options for them first, maximizing the applicants borrowing capacity, simplifying the application process and dealing with issues and hurdles that often arise when applying for finance. 
Emerging influences on the ability for someone to get a loan are introduced as these will continue to have a growing impact on the finance industry, such as positive credit reporting, responsible lending, and regulatory pressure. 

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