Rainer Höing

The Fabric of the World – Geobiology, Feng Shui & Planetary Lines

For 40 years, the author has counseled people with cancer and gained insight into the extent to which the disease reflects the energetic structure of the environment. Again and again, very specific fields and radiations, which even experts are not very familiar with, have proven to be conspicuous. The counselling concept that has emerged from this research is a novelty in its differentiation and success. The book presents the discoveries, the statistics of the problem factors and the ways to eliminate or avoid them. Critical people who want to know and do not subordinate the subject of health to any ideology are addressed as well as professionals who attach importance to technical details and are open to physical radiesthesia. The author's findings document the value of this method, which cannot be replaced by traditional mental methods.

A second highlight are the planetary lines and planetary circular fields discovered by the author with their complex aesthetic structure, proven in sacred sites in Europe and Asia. The connections of meaning often touch the soul deeply or simply amaze.
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