Jennifer Bassett

The Kiss: Love Stories from North America

A level 3 Oxford Bookworms Library graded reader. Retold for Learners of English by Jennifer Bassett.

Love stories with a difference . .. There's a kiss by a fireside that was a mistake, there's a man-hating aunt by the seaside, and a gunman in Texas wanting a fight. There's a white heron flying over a forest, and a messenger running between two benches in a park. And of course, there's a girl who meets a boy . .. These love stories are by US writers Kate Chopin, Stephen Crane, Sarah Orne Jewett, O. Henry, and Canadian writer Lucy Maud Montgomery (author of the famous Anne of Green Gables).
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    Brantain was dull and not at all good-looking, but he was extraordinarily rich; and she liked and wanted the kind of life that a rich husband could give her.
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    She was very good-looking, with that fine, rich coloring often found in women with dark brown hair and brown eyes.
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    path of true love is full of problems

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