Celine Claire

50 Daily Habits Of Highly Successful People

This e-book gives you up to 50 daily habits of highly successful people
Habit 1: They write their goals on a goal card and carry it around.
The highly successful understand that writing their goals on a goal card triggers them to think about their goals. And carrying the goal card around in their pockets reminds them of the responsibilities they need to work on to achieve their desired goals.
Bob Proctor, a legendary philosopher in positive thinking and the co-founder of Proctor Gallagher Institute suggests that when you write your goal on a goal card, carry it around and touch that card, cells are triggered from your fingers to your mind putting you in a certain vibration, which your goal is at. Soon enough after touching the words on your goal card more repeatedly, you start getting thoughts and attracting things and people necessary to help you achieve your goals. This is what most highly successful people do.
Habit 2: They wake up early.
One Havard Business Review study discovered that people whose performance is higher in the morning are better positioned for career success. Starting out their day early allows highly successful people to devote most of their time to their performance goals, and create ample time for a successful routine. This can be a trip to the gym, daily meditation, or any preferred undertaking.
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