Teri Grayner

Do I Need a Divorce to Be Happy

Do I Need a Divorce to Be Happy? helps those who are ready to seriously reclaim their lives without breaking their marriage.In Do I Need a Divorce to Be Happy?, Teri Grayner guides those who have spent their lives focusing on other people’s happiness to put themselves first without guilt. Her 10-Step REINVENTED Process covers everything one needs to learn to break free from financial codependency. Instead of spending years trying to balance marriage and one’s own dreams, open Do I Need a Divorce to Be Happy? because within readers learn:
How to tell if financial independence is right for themThe truth about why they have been procrastinating in following through with their financial independenceHow to lead a life of meaningful purpose and still earn a good livingSecrets to avoid wasting time in their quest to break free from codependency.How to guarantee they will have all the time they need to make the difference in their life without ever stressing about it again Codependency itself is an addictive behavior and Do I Need a Divorce to Be Happy? helps those who are ready to make the changes it will take to reclaim their lives.
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