Tony Peluso

Archangel of Sedona

At the site of a world-famous architectural marvel located in the heart of the mystical red rock country surrounding Sedona, Arizona, a young college student encounters an ancient secret that holds the key to the origins of the universe. Haunted by his epiphany over decades, unexplainable--almost miraculous--events overtake him, until he has a revelation that compels him to go on a dangerous quest to resolve the mystery.

Archangel of Sedona documents the personal story of Tony, a veteran integrating his combat experiences with his metaphysical awakening in the Red Rock’s atmosphere of infinite space and boundless silence. His hero’s journey through both beauty and danger combines mystery, adventure, and spiritual discovery.

There is no serendipity.

«The Red Rock Country and Upper Verde Valley are as beautiful and moving as this compelling story depicts. I was intrigued and fascinated by the real life mystery of the missing figure from the Chapel of the Holy Cross. I’m still haunted by the tale.»

--Linda Unfried, Light of Corpus Christi Award Winner
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