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Juha Öörni

Traveler's Paradise

Traveler's Paradise: New York City Shopping & Travel Guide

Discover Everything You Need To Know About What To Do & See In The
City Of Dreams

You’ll soon wake up in the city that never sleeps! You can now have the key to the most up-to-date advice on better and
lesser known places to visit at this year-round destination. With all the necessary information to organize the perfect trip, this
definitive guide will help you experience New York City to the fullest!

This Expert Guide To NYC Includes:

All shopping opportunities
Top 10 things to do on a budget
Tips to get the most out of the city
Top New Tourist Attractions
Step-by-step sightseeing checklist

With this insider’s guide to enchanting New York, if you’re bored in the
city, it’s your own fault!

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