Kim Orlesky

Sell More. Faster

Sales in a business is everything. It’s great to be passionate about what you offer and how you will help your clients, but that will only take you so far. You need to sell.
Until Sell More. Faster. came most people believed that sales would happen based on feeling, intuition and having a certain level of inherent charisma. Kim Orlesky demystifies that belief. She breaks down sales as the process that it is. Follow the process and get the result.
In Sell More. Faster. Kim Orlesky uses humor, anecdotes and colorful analogies to make sales fun. She explains why by finding the right client the first time will make the entire process easier. Like dating, we need to ask ourselves “am I interested in the other person?” instead of forcing the other person to like us, want to date us, and eventually marry us.
After connecting for that first meeting we want to ensure the prospect is qualified. Save ourselves time by understanding what the person is ultimately wanting to achieve, when they would like to have it completed, and what it would mean to their business financially to have that done.
Kim also breaks down the missing ingredient from almost all sales formulas: the power of empathy and emotional intelligence in the business-to-business setting. By understanding how the emotional charge will affect the client we can now move sales cycles forward even faster.
Sell More. Faster. is the ONLY sales book you will ever need. It focuses on the bigger picture and how each question, interaction, and answer leads to the most powerful proposal that will now close business for the premium price.
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