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A Practical Guide to Entrepreneurship

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    Success to me is not about money or status or fame, it’s about finding a liveli
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    Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room.

    Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon
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    If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.
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    In an industry with a number of small businesses offering a multitude of services, some corporate clients were awash with choice. As a result, they preferred a one-stop shop for all of their training needs and so used the services of very large providers who would then organize whatever training was required.
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    I don’t believe in competition I believe in collaboration, we can do things better together than apart. It is more important the client gets the service they need. I have referred clients to other providers and then, when they want further services, those clients come back to me.
    Cémanthe Harris, New Media Angels
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    Collaborating for ‘win-win’

    As an entrepreneur it may be tempting to think that most other ventures are competitors and that if they win business, you lose it. This takes a ‘win-lose’ mindset.
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    Plus, over the previous ten years, they had developed positive relationships with former clients that money could not buy.
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    with the ethos ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’
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    It’s all about the relationship, it’s not business-to-business, it’s people-to-people. The relationship is king. Just being able to do what you do with that one new person, in any way you can, allows you to develop that relationship.
    Andy Carley, Response Development Training
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    Clients who request new products/services from you are like gold dust because not only are they telling you what you need to do next to succeed, but they are probably also identifying themselves as your first client for it.
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    some businesses make money through selling other people’s products through their existing sales channels. As long as the quality of sub-contractors meets or exceeds your established reputation then you could make more profits with relatively little work.
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    Is it appropriate to diversify your business to reach a new core target market?
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    How can you take advantage of cross-selling to your established client base? What else might your customers wish to buy from you?
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    If you go down the niche approach then you can take on that next niche, then a next niche, then a next niche until you take your venture to the mainstream.
    Peter Thomond, SportInspired
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    But she also has an eagle eye for marketing metrics. For example, she’ll often include a 10 per cent discount when quoted in conjunction with the advertisement, so she can see exactly which clients have come to her through her advertising. This enables her to determine which publications don’t produce a return on investment, in which cases, she stops advertising with them.
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    Give away low-cost products as a thank you
    Having giveaways for existing and new clients is a great way of delivering that little bit more benefit to them. Whether it comes to sending out t-shirts, your latest book, or even just a ‘thank you for your business’ card to clients, the personal touch can go a long way. It shows that you’re thinking about them, that you value them and that you like them as a client. Just think how powerful that message is if you’re on the receiving end; it’s not often somebody that you’ve done business with expresses their appreciation in such a way.
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    a strategy that he’s nicknamed ‘100:100:100’. He’s going to send 100 emails to ‘warm’ leads, make 100 cold calls and send 100 cold emails.
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    Some CRM systems are available for free, although some entrepreneurs recommend paying for them, arguing that this is the best possible investment of a marketing budget.
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    Create a bank of testimonials
    As your client list grows and grows, so too does the potential number of testimonials you have available. By having testimonials from a range of people, you can be selective about the ones you use. For instance, if you were pitching for business with a school, having a testimonial from another school’s headmaster is likely to carry more weight with a potential client than one from a director at a brewery.
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    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system
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