Ed Chan

How to Legally Reduce Your Tax

This book is a must for business owners and investors!
Discover how the rich use company and trust structures to protect their assets and minimize their tax.
Where can the everyday Australian go to learn about asset protection and structuring? As Ed points out, no means of public education exists for those who want to learn how the rich play the game, and that's why he wrote this book.
As tax legislation becomes more complex, Ed has simplified and summarised the important points so that anyone who wants to learn now has the opportunity.
Here's a taste of what's inside:
— The difference between a company structure and a trust
— The different types of trusts and how to use them
— Why you should rarely buy an investment in your own name
— How to protect your assets from lawsuits, taxes and creditors
— How you can pass your wealth on to your children and have it protected for generations
— How to protect your business assets
— Why tax is a game which can be played by everyone, not just the rich.
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