Tim McHeffey

Solving Sticky People Problems

Solving Sticky People Problems uses PHP, the most powerful ingredient in human communication! It is the real way to handle those sometimes excruciatingly painful employee issues. SSPP shows hard-working supervisors and managers how to draw on their inner sense to address these prickly challenges (which no college textbook can). Foreword writer and former editor of “Working Woman” and “Working Mother” magazines, Barbara Litrell shares: “After years of management, I arrived at the same place that Tim McHeffey does in this book. PHP is a shortcut to management sanity---as a new manager you will read this book and think, ‘Is he for real? Will this work? It can’t be this simple.’ Years from now, you will reread the book and think, ‘of course, that’s exactly what it’s all about.’” What do you do when: your employees just don’t do what you ask them to, you hear through the grapevine that morale stinks, an outspoken employee thinks she’s productive, but is really not, you observe that an employee, returning from lunch, appears to be staggering and slurring his words, you have bullying-harassment going on, you have an employee who is a bigot, there are no raises this year, employees don’t work well together, and/or Jenny smells. HELP!! SSPP will guide you through all of these and more. Your prickly employee challenges will seem to melt away with the PHP formula.
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