Brianna Moller Greene

250+ Profitable Clothing Brands for Resale: A Guide to Selecting Men's & Women's Apparel to Sell on eBay

This e-book is absolutely teeming with information about selling clothing on eBay. Whether you're a veteran seller looking to branch out into clothing or a newbie seller wondering where to even begin, you will find this guide to be an extremely relevant and useful tool. This guide is sure to take your clothing business to the next level and I guarantee that it pays for itself on your very first thrift store trip.
After 10 years of selling new and pre-owned clothing on eBay, over 34,000 transactions and well over 17,000 in positive feedback, it's time to share what I've learned. So, in this e-book you will find 349 pages with well over 250 clothing brands to buy and resell along with an additional, 50 non-brand clothing BOLOs (items to "Be On the Lookout" For) to up your game even further.
In this guide you will find sample pictures of clothing labels, lists of items to focus on within each brand, average sale prices and direct links to eBay sold listings. You can easily download this e-book onto your smart phone for conducting research in the “field” or onto other electronic devices such as iPads, PC or Mac computers or laptops for reading at home or on the go.
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