Rae A. Stonehouse

Content Marketing Strategies That Work Book Three

It can be said that writing your book can take 30% of your time and marketing it 130%.

Many self-published authors shy away from marketing their content. It is a lot of work; the learning curve is steep, and it can take them out of their comfort zone. Way out!

Self-marketing your content is well within your reach as an author when you know the basics and advanced strategies.

Author Rae A. Stonehouse, veteran of a dozen of his own self-help, personal/professional development books and others for his clients, shares sage advice from his self-publishing career and from the pros.

Book Three Content Marketing Strategies That Work in The Successful Self Publisher Series: How to Write, Publish and Market Your Book Yourself provides strategies for promoting your content for free and with paid advertising and explores the following topics essential to marketing your content:

— Advertising vs Public Relations

— Creating your Author’s Platform

— How to Write Good Promotional Copy

— Linkedin Strategies

— Author Websites

— Leveraging your Network

— Leveraging social media (what works… what doesn’t)

— Amazon and Facebook Advertising

And much more…

Other books in the series…

Book One Writing & Publishing as a Business in The Successful Self Publisher Series: How to Write, Publish and Market Your Book Yourself, addresses writing books and self-publishing based on business best-practices.

Book Two Self-Publishing for Fun and Profit in the series focuses on how to publish your content, yourself.

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