Freeman Jon

7-Stage Parenting

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Children change. The parent that they need as infants is quite different than who they need as teenagers — that is obvious. But how do you know what they need?

There is a consistent pattern to their changes that shows up regardless of culture, gender or personality. While you can and should respond to their individual uniqueness, the underlying pattern, based on a well-established theory of psychological development, provides a framework for knowing what approaches will support them and be most effective at each stage. You can be the mum, dad or step-parent that your child needs you to be. You can develop as a parent alongside their development as children.

This book will help you enjoy your parenting journey, relax in the the recognition that certain changes are to be expected and are part of their healthy maturing process, with a corresponding reduction in stress and uncertainty. It will help you be confident and to trust your inner, instinctive knowing ahead of other people's opinions and theories.

I wrote the book because it presents what I wish I had known during my own parenting journey. It also helped me see my own parents with fresh eyes and understand more about my own development.
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