Bulcsú Fajszi,László Cser,Tamás Fehér

Business Value in an Ocean of Data

“[…] This is a great book about how to find the value creating opportunities and how to utilize them. Reading it is a must for managers who understand that data became an extremely important source of competitive advantage in today's business.” György Bőgel – CEU Business School (Hungary) “This book provides an excellent overview over business intelligence applications. […] Real-life examples illustrate the pitfalls of BI and data mining applications and offer advice on how to avoid them.” Prof. Franz Lehner – University of Passau (Germany) “[…] Being responsible for the operative management of a multinational telecommunications company, I had the privilege to meet the authors of this book and to elaborate and build up a robust data warehouse and a management information system that proved to be very useful for the management team. […] This book is based on this knowledge and competence of the authors, and rightfully belongs in the library of every manager to be used every day!” Csaba Bőthe – CEO, IT Services Hungary (Hungary) “Data mining is a very helpful digital technology to discover the golden nuggets of information in a large amount of data. […] the authors of this book are all experts in this field and have done voluminous research in the field concerned. In conclusion, this book is definitely worth reading.” Dr. Zhen Zhao – Jiao Tong University of Shanghai (China) “[…] Prof. Cser brilliantly combines the theory with practical application. I recommend this book not only for educators and researchers, but managers and specialists in every branch of the economy.” István Lepsényi – CEO, Knorr-Bremse Hungary (Hungary) “[…] I strongly recommend this book to engineers, applied scientists, researchers and businessmen battling with data mining proliferation, while searching for clear interpretations and ways for practical applications.” Prof. em. Zvi Katz – University of Johannesburg (South Africa)
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