Donna Whitbrook,Lyn Bromley


• Are your people sabotaging your business by delivering poor service and failing to build trusted relationships?
• Does your pricing come under constant question?  
• What is it that makes good organisations world-class?
In a world of increasingly digitised interactions, connecting on a human level is more valuable than ever. Being competent and doing a really good job is simply not enough. Today we must have the ability to create impact and maximise our personal presence in order to be positively memorable. Being a brand ambassador for our business and being able to engage with others confidently in order to build successful, professional relationships is key to outstanding performance.
By focusing on the skills that affect the client’s experience and the company’s ability to deliver excellent service, your organisation can gain a competitive advantage. You will benefit from improved profits, higher employee retention, a better reputation and sustained growth.
Discover the ‘T-Spot’ Model, and learn how to beat the ‘credibility thief' while our ‘credibility sleuth’ helps you to find the improvements that will transform your business.  
Trusted is full of inspirational ideas, top tips and insights from our experience of helping our clients to deliver service excellence and become world-class organisations.
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