Ann Hood

Do Not Go Gentle

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A “breathtaking” memoir of a daughter’s quest to find a miracle for her dying father, by the bestselling author of The Book That Matters Most (Publishers Weekly).
When her beloved father was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer, Ann Hood—the author Comfort: A Journey Through Grief—refused to give up. If conventional medicine could no longer help, then she would go to any length to find something that could—even if it took a miracle.
In this heartfelt and heartbreaking narrative, Ann’s quest to save her father’s life becomes a reawakening of her self. Through trial and desperation she recollects the story of her family’s own past and their quest to find a better life in America, and renews her connection to her Italian Catholic heritage, all of which reminds her of where she came from and who she truly is: her father’s daughter.
With a sensitive yet strong voice, Ann Hood’s “spiritual quest to make sense of her father’s fatal illness is rendered with exceptional grace” in a story that “affectingly explores the link between faith and family ties” (Entertainment Weekly).
“[Ann Hood] creates an entire world of belief and tradition that sustains her. . . . The miracle that truly nurtures her is her art.” —The Providence Journal
“This memoir is every bit as breathtaking as the poem after which it is named.” —Publishers Weekly
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