Erik Lynd

Silas Robb: To Hell and Back

“There's no place like home” takes on a whole new meaning if you're from Hell…

One hundred and fifty years ago, the Reverend Longmire tracked Silas down and almost sent him back to Hell for good. Silas turned the tables and Longmire ended up in that infernal prison. Now, Silas' old nemesis has returned with a few new tricks up his sleeve and looking for revenge. Working alongside an ancient Chinese cult bent on freeing a powerful demon, Longmire plans on trapping Silas in the one place Silas hates more than a Celine Dion concert.

With Silas gone, it is up to his mortal team of associates to track down this religious cult and stop them from unleashing Hell on earth. Meanwhile, Silas must work with allies new and old to fight his way back in time for band practice… and sure, help his friends save all of humanity.
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