Ph.L. D. Krannich

Military-to-Civilian Transition Pocket Guide

Each year nearly 250,000 servicemembers make the BIG LEAP they leave the military for an uncertain but always challenging civilian world. Deciding where to live and what to do are serious life-changing issues. For some, separation results in satisfying full-time retirement, or they go on to rewarding post-military jobs. But for others, the transition is anything but easy as they find retirement less than fulfilling, or they land less than rewarding jobs. Most must quickly learn to sell themselves to potential employers by acquiring a new set of unfamiliar job finding skills write resumes and letters, attend job fairs, network for job leads, dress for success, interview for jobs, and negotiate salaries and benefits. In the end, life after the military is never what they anticipated. With open eyes and minds, it's usually a fascinating journey in self-discovery for both the servicemember and family!Similar to the author's popular annual Military-to-Civilian Transition Guide (4.5+ million copies), this companion pocket guide (600,000+ copies), is filled with the latest strategies and tips for launching a successful military-to-civilian transition. Compelling, convenient, and user-friendly, it helps veterans and their families:-identify transferable military-to-civilian skills-assess motivated abilities and skills (MAP)-state job and career goals-attend and work job fairs effectively-locate the best military-friendly employers-complete applications and write resumes and letters-network, interview, and negotiate compensationSpecial features and highlights include:-outlining a 10-step job search process-testing ones job search knowledge and attitudes-translating military experience into civilian language-identifying community-based opportunities networks-revealing 50 best military-friendly employers-specifying 40 top transition assistance websites-starting a veterans-owned business-identifying ones best references-finding federal employment-handling potential red flags and objections-avoiding interview and salary negotiation mistakes-surviving and thriving in a new job-documenting personal, education, and work experienceJam-packed with engaging checklists, tips, examples, and exercises, this powerful little pocket guide can make a big difference in how veterans approach the civilian world with a strong desire to find renewed meaning and purpose in the next stage of their lives!
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