John Slavio

Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to this book on Deep Learning and Neural Networks. We're going to be diving into what neural networks are, what the current neural networks out there do, with an API. Once we go over how everything works and how each of these new technologies work, we will also go over the many different applications that can be applied to general life and business due to the creation of neural networks. Now I want you to realize that neural networks are not a complicated topic but it may feel like a complicated topic. 
There have been a lot of news stories about how there are going to be self-driving cars, machines that make their own products, and many other different applications of neural networks that make it sound like a vastly complicated machine. However, the tool of the neural network is a very simple tool. When you hear about the applications that are being created that utilize neural networks, you are actually hearing about the amount of work that went behind making a neural network do something that's complicated but not a complicated neural network. Neural networks are extremely easy to understand as you will find throughout this book but the problem is that people have made them look complicated. Therefore, let's go ahead and demystify this subject so that you can get into the field of neural networks yourself and have some fun. 
Here's What's Included In This Book:

What are Neural Networks?Biological Neural NetworksArtificial Neural NetworksKeras Model and LayersDifferent Deep Learning AlgorithmsBenefits of Neural NetworksBusiness Applications of Neural Networks
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