Karen Lindwall-Bourg

Purposeful Planning

Purposeful Planning by Karen Lindwall-Bourg is a «purposeful planning system for Christian Entrepreneurs who desire to achieve
extraordinary levels of success worth celebrating.» Karen has complied all of this into a book. Once the 31 steps outlined in
Purposeful Planning have been completed, the reader will have a plan of action toward success.
Part One: “Prepare to Plan” guides the reader to pray and plan for a vision, purpose, values, and dreams.
The step-by-step process begins with the right mindset-and then works toward goals, plotting a course of action, and putting measures
in place toward motivation in seeing the plan completed.
Part Two: Through “Plan Purposefully,” daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly best practices are initiated toward a unique plan.
Part Three: “Progress Along the Plan Path” guides the reader in setting up action and tracking worksheets. These are great
motivators for staying the course and experiencing success daily.
An essential conclusion to Purposeful Planning is
Part Four, “Praises.” Perspective
is placed on why it's important to plan. Success in reaching these goals is the reason to plan
so diligently. Then, plan to celebrate, rest, rejuvenate, and play in anticipation of
Part Five: “Plan Again.” Utilize the Purposeful Planning book again and again!
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