Lewis S Eisen

Respectful Policies and Directives

The language you choose when you set administrative policies and rules for your employees provides some insight into the amount of respect you have for them.

It’s not enough for a policy statement to be clear and succinct. Good policies are worded in a way that’s respectful of the people they are intended to govern. A confrontational or dictatorial style is unbecoming a respectful environment.

This handbook will make you rethink the way you convey your rules in policies, directives, and guidelines. You will see how the wording of your rules in your policy documents reveals the amount of respect you have for them—or betrays the lack of it.

Chapter 2 deals with the organization of policy instruments. Chapter 3 deals with the wording of policy statements. Chapter 4 looks at a special type of policy instrument, the standard. Chapter 5 covers the portions of the policy instruments that are not policy statements. Chapter 6 provides writing tips.
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