Stephan Ehlers

Juggling & Management

The link “Juggling with Juggling-Balls” and “Juggling in Leadership” is the mainreason for this book (Taschenbuch, 60 Seiten). Informative and inspiring for executives and responsible people.Both — leadership and juggling — are concerned with success, trust, change processes, goal setting, perception and flexibility. Unconsciously, executives work in juggling about their attitude, their access, or their distance, their energy, their personal disposition and their willingness to change. Juggling not only sharpens the senses, but also stimulates dangers such as concentration, balancia, rhythm, coordination, flexibility, openness, creativity, dosed energy use, decision-making, and so on. All these are skills required in the business and get a nue experience dimension by juggling. Tolerance, cooperation and understanding are derived from this.
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