Lizbeth Dusseau

Femdom Spanking Tales

Now in one collection, Lizbeth's Femdom Spanking short stories from her two collections. PLUS and added bonus… Ms. Shelby's Boy a never been published story Keeping Him In His Place In the title story Galen has trouble keeping her caretaker at his job. Seems only a good spanking is the answer. Once he experiences her wicked belt, Adrian changes his ways; though he keeps coming back for more. Baited By His Memories, Kyle remembers the spankings he had as a kid and makes sure his Boss, Leslie, finally treats him to a taste of leatherÑwith hot results! Then, The Reluctant Submissive, Derrick, meets Alexandra, only to find that she has a ready cure for his reluctance, taking him over her knee. When the delectable Southern belle, Sally Hatcher, interests the town newcomer in a wager, Sally wins; and poor Billy finds himself over Miss SallyÕs lap to experience her Sweet Summer Fling. Once The Hellion meets Alexandra, the bratty young man gets cured of his nasty mouth and bad behavior. And finally, an on-the-rise young executive, Tony, Proves Himself Worthy to the reputed female dominant, Juliet, as he gets a taste of submission from this very exotic and commanding woman. My Devoted Submissive In this collectionÕs initial story, Alexandra tells of meeting the stunningly submissive man who eventually becomes her devoted husband. Not only can Douglas take a good stern punishment, he loves the erotic aftermath as well. Then in the sequel, Dominant In Training, Alexandra teaches her friend, Kathleen, how to keep a naughty husband in line with creative methods she personally demonstrates for Kathleen and AndrewÑusing her Douglas as an example. Then itÕs back to boarding school, in Miss Click, Proving Herself, the new teacher proves she has what it takes to keep a class-room of unruly young men in line, using her trusty wooden paddle. Beach Buns, and Cold Night & Hot Bottoms go from the beach to the ski slopes as naughty men get their just desserts from their dominant ladies.
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