Graham Masterton

Red Light

Somewhere in the city of Cork, a woman's cry echoes through the rainy streets.

On a bloodstained mattress in a grimy flat, a burly man lies dead. A terrified girl kneels over his body. She has been trapped here for three days. It doesn't take DS Katie Maguire long to identify the murder victim: he's a cruel and powerful pimp she's been trying to convict for years.

It's Katie's job to catch the killer. But with men like this dead, the city is safer – and so are the frightened young women who are trafficked into Cork. When a second pimp is horrifically murdered, Katie must decide. Should she do her job, or follow her conscience? Should she allow the killer to strike again?

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Head of Zeus
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Head of Zeus
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    they were laughing only because crying wasn’t going to change anything
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    a step back on to the pavement.
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    It made her feel like a knight in a fairy story – a knight who can see the wicked king’s castle in the distance, but who is bound by a spell not to enter it, and so is powerless to put an end to his reign of evil.

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