Useful Dictionary of Adjectives With Prepositions, Martin Manser
Martin Manser

Useful Dictionary of Adjectives With Prepositions

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Students learning English often have difficulties knowing which preposition goes with a particular adjective. This is where this dictionary will help you. It contains about 700 entries. By looking up the adjective you will find the preposition, a definition and an example:

indispensable adj indispensable to so important that nothing will happen without it: Thorough research is indispensable to a historian.

In the above short entry:

indispensable = the headword, the basic adjective

adj = the part of speech

indispensable to = the adjective and the correct preposition

so important that nothing will happen without it = the definition of the adjective

Thorough research is indispensable to a historian = an example of the adjective as it would typically be used in a sentence, with the adjective and preposition in bold type

Some entries have style markers (formal) or (informal) to help you know the context when to use the adjective:

resplendent adj (formal) resplendent in looking very impressive because of how you are dressed: The duke entered the assembly chamber, resplendent in his robes of state.

crazy adj crazy about (informal) fond of or very interested in: As a teenager she'd been crazy about David Bowie. I can't say I'm crazy about this idea.
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