Jerry Norton

How to Make a Million Dollars a Year Flipping Houses

If done correctly and with the right system, flipping houses should be a million dollar a year business. After doing hundreds of deals, the nation's most highly sought after expert reveals his exact system to find, analyze, renovate and sell houses earning $25,000 (or more) per deal. From construction worker to millionaire, Jerry not only shows you his comprehensive, step-by step system to flip 40 deals (or more) per year in any market, regardless of expertise or experience, you will also learn how to:
-Set up follow a step-by-step systematic approach to each aspect of the business
-Beat the competition to the best deals
-Consistently find deals each and every month
-Accurately estimate repair costs on any deal in 15 minutes or less
-Identify the ideal property and area to flip houses
-Sell your properties in 30 days or less
-Renovate a home with no delays even if you have no experience
-Select the exact materials and the design to attract the ideal buyer
-Organize and maintain a budget
-Effectively find and manage the best subcontractors to do all the work
-Determine the precise after-repair value (ARV) of any deal
-Find unlimited sources of other people's money (OPM) to fund your deals
-Put the system and team in place to leverage your time (remove yourself from the model)
Finally a practical, easy to follow approach to flipping houses. With dozens of examples and case studies, you finally have the blueprint to make a million dollars a year flipping houses…
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