Bryony Thomas

Watertight Marketing

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Are you wasting your money on marketing? Most businesses are. They’ve got serious profit leaks. So when they run their marketing Taps, revenue simply pours out of a leaky Bucket. Watertight Marketing is no ordinary marketing book. There’s no jargon. And it’s not about the latest over-hyped tactic. This is a book that tackles business fundamentals. It’s the book on marketing that makes all the others make sense. Following the process laid out in this book puts you in control of your business growth. You’ll be able to step off the roller coaster of yo-yo sales results and get your business on a sustainable upward curve. Bryony Thomas has a refreshing style that means the ideas click and stick. She has distilled her wealth of experience into clear action points that you’ll want to tackle today.
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    Quite useful one. I like the way the author gives a material: topic (leak), theory, cases. Very structured and easy for understanding.


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    Your proof audit
    • Proof points
    • Case study checklist
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    personalise this financial calculation as part of the Time Saver Analyser, and use it in the Time Saver Audit so that when a proposal was put to a prospect the cost was always put in context of the hourly value of that individual
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    They added a counter to their website that clocks up the time they’ve saved people. Because they started to collect data on clients earnings they could assess roughly what their time was worth to output an average hourly value of a typical client

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