Booker T.Washington

Up from Slavery: an autobiography

Up from Slavery is one of the most influential biographies ever written. On one level it is the life story of Booker T. Washington and his rise from slavery to accomplished educator and activist. On another level it the story of how an entire race strove to better itself. Washington makes it clear just how far race relations in America have come, and to some extent, just how much further they have to go. Written with wit and clarity.
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    Rachel Brownmembuat kutipan7 tahun yang lalu
    Nothing ever comes to me, that is worth having, except as the result of hard work.
    Rachel Brownmembuat kutipan7 tahun yang lalu
    But gradually, with patience and hard work, we brought order out of chaos, just as will be true of any problem if we stick to it with patience and wisdom and earnest effort.

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