Gary Johnson

Planning, Persisting and Prospering

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Having full control of our debt is essential in order to move towards a more financially independent life. Living a debt-free lifestyle creates a world of unimaginable opportunities along with a myriad of serendipitous experiences. However, the journey to becoming completely and unequivocally debt-free, for all intents and purposes, can be an interminable and arduous task. By fostering and cultivating certain characteristics, one may simply then adopt the practices of:
● Living by budget
● Abstaining from compulsive spending
● Paying off debt as frequently as resources allow
● And saving 5%-25% of one's income
Over time, your debt will cease to exist and your savings will accumulate exponentially, which will allow you to posture and position yourself to initiate the regiment of building net worth by making thoughtful and wise investments. Let us explore the effectiveness of hard work, discipline, self-control, and patience along with the aforementioned list of practices in more detail.
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